Web aided education model that can be used in power electronics course

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The rapid development in technology enriches the academic environment and offers different alternatives. The academic achievement of these alternatives turns the direction of traditional education to web aided education. Transferring theoretical knowledge into web aided educational model and the enrichment of web aided education are now possible applications. The academic benefits of web aided models took academic attention academicians from different fields of science so model studies for implementation have been increased. Very successful applications in science fields such as engineering, science and technical education are available today

It is hardly difficult to fulfill practice courses on Technical Education and on Engineering through distance learning technology. Therefore it is a field that has to be examined very carefully. Despite its difficulties when the advantages are taken into account web aided models have potential to increase students success in technical education So web aided application of a course in technical education field and the effect of the model on academic success are examined. Today enriching the educational programs provided by using distance learning technology makes it easier to give practice courses appropriately through distance learning technology. Providing practical courses appropriate with distance learning technology has great advantages for researchers, academicians, students and educational institutions.

Advantages of web based education versus traditional educational are as follows

Students have the opportunity to repeat the courses they choose any time they wish.

There will not be any difference among the students from different branches or groups regarding the source of education (teacher) and this will lead to learning equality in general. For example, in case of lectures from different teaching assistants from different branches, some students may complain about the teaching style of the assistant and may state that they are less lucky than other students.

Control of the learning is completely in students’ hands. Students try to learn according to their own detection pace and intelligence level and acquire the responsibility for self-learning.

Students can access the needed lecture notes and other sources of the field immediately.

Evaluation and observation of student learning will be done in computer environment more easily and centrally in a short time.